Programing Consultations

Sometimes all you need is a little help. Accordingly, we are now offering one on one programing consultations. They are ideal for anyone wanting help upgrading their current resistance, nutrition, or recovery programs. Consultations are done on an hourly basis and we highly recommend that the client prepare a list of questions and concerns they may have about making changes to their current program.

Questions Answered

Have a ton of questions you want answered due to conflicting information from what appears to be reputable sources. Ask an expert. We can tell you why some things that may have worked very well for others is not quite working for you.

Technique Correction

Have a question about your form on a group of exercises. Spend a hour learning how to do it right.  Improper form is the number one reason for injuries, imbalances , and lack of progress

Diet Review

So you think your eating a healthful diet but still aren’t seeing the results you want.  It’s probably the something not quite right with your diet that a minor change could correct.  It’s amazing how implementing small corrections make such a large difference so quickly.

Schedule A Consultation

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