Attend Our (4) Session Private Training Camp

“Breaking Through Plateaus”

We’ll give you the tools you need to get the results you want!

In addition to (4) one on one training sessions you’ll also receive DIY resources such as calculators and guides in addition to access to group fitness classes to assist you in reaching your long term fitness goals!

Session 1

You’ll learn:

  1. how to estimate your body fat at home
  2. how to calculate your total calorie requirements
  3. how to determine how much carbs, fats, and protein you should eat
  4. how to set up a diet plan that can work for you
  5. ways to manage calories around special events (weddings, birthdays, celebrations)
  6. which supplements get results and which are a waste of money
  7. to focus on calories per week vs calories per day

Session 2

You’ll learn:

  1. how to determine how much weight you should be lifting for a particular exercise
  2. which exercises will give you the biggest bang for your buck
  3. a dumb bell workout guaranteed to push you past any plateau
  4. how to work around some of the most common injuries
  5. why sets, reps, rest, weight, and tempo are all important to managing intensity
  6. why the key to progress is progression
  7. how to create your own workout

Session 3

You’ll learn:

  1. what’s the best conditioning exercises for fat loss
  2. what’s the best conditioning exercises for heart health
  3. how to blend high intensity intervals with steady state conditioning to get the best of both
  4. how to determine your recovery heart rate and use it to progress your training
  5. ways to do upper body conditioning exercises rather than relying on legs for conditioning
  6. how to effectively use weights as part of a conditioning program
  7. when to pull back on your conditioning program

Session 4

You’ll learn:

  1. the importance of an effective recovery program
  2. multiple recovery modalities
  3. factors critical to recovery
  4. exercises to help with chronic knee, shoulder, and back pain
  5. why mobility is more important than flexibility
  6. how to prevent common injuries
  7. when it’s time to see a physical therapist or your doctor

Additional Bonuses

A few extra bonuses to help your long term progress!

Bonus 1 – Personalized Training Program

you’ll leave training camp with a personalized training program guaranteed to push you through your current plateau

Bonus 2 – Personalized Nutrition Program

you’ll receive a custom nutrition plan based on your training goals and personal preferences

Bonus 3 – Supplement Guide

you’ll receive a supplement guide to help you determine the best supplements to use and where to get them

Bonus 4 – Gear Guide

you’ll receive a gear guide to equipment we find instrumental in helping our clients reach their fitness goals

Bonus 5 – Resource Links

you’ll receive a list of online resources that you’ll be able to refer to to help with future questions

Bonus 6 – DIY Calculators

we’ll create some DIY calculators to help you set goals and manage results in the future

Bonus 7 – Free Gym Membership

you’ll receive a free 30 day membership to our facility so that you may workout as often as you like

Bonus 8 – Unlimited Spin Classes

you’ll receive 30 days of unlimited spin

Bonus 9 –  Complimentary Class Passes

you’ll receive complimentary passes to some of the most popular classes hosted at our facility such as Zumba, and Krav Maga

A value of over $900 for just $599!

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