Hybrid Training

We developed the Hybrid Training option back in 2010 for the experienced self-starter who appreciates the value of professionally designed programs, nutritional counseling, and advanced recovery modalities.

Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Training might be our favorite form of training.  It provides our clients the best of both worlds.  Clients have regular access to us allowing  constant monitoring, motivation, and tweaking as well as empowering them to take full charge of their personal fitness and utilize us more on a consulting basis.  See One on One Coaching for additional features that are included with our Hybrid Training program.

Self Administered

With the Hybrid Training option the majority of your session will be done on your own.  First, we will determine the number of training sessions you need to complete per week to meet your training goals. Then, once per week we will meet in a one-on-one coaching session to track your progress, answer your questions, and make any required adjustments to your program to ensure you stay on track and continue to push yourself past your comfort zone to a new level of fitness.

Schedule Flexibility

Since your managing the training plan yourself you can train based on your schedule not on our availability.

No Membership Required

There is no gym membership or gym fee required when you train with us.  This means that if you’re already have a gym membership elsewhere, you can maintain that membership, and still train with us.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

This 60 minute “getting to know you” session allows us to find out what your goals are, assess your current condition, and answer any questions you may have.  This session is instrumental in the customization of any training option you may be interested in.

Schedule A Consultation

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