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Over 70% of the U.S. population is overweight or obese and the primary cause for morbidity and mortality in the western world is due to what is referred to as “lifestyle diseases”  The foods we eat, the way we move, and how effectively we manage stress ultimately determine the quality of our lives.

We feel that it is up to each of us to take personal responsibility for our own health by educating ourselves on both the long-term and short-term health risks associated with the lifestyle choices we make. It’s important that we identify how we can address these issues in a more natural and holistic fashion, and not simply rely on prescriptions, over the counter medications, or major medical interventions as our sole recourse.

At our goal is to  provide guidance and accountability to assist our client’s efforts in reaching their health, appearance, and performance goals by utilizing our combined experience of over 20 years in customizing training and nutrition programs. We are constantly consuming the latest research and insights from some of the top minds around the world in the areas of health, nutrition, training, stress resilience, and optimal performance. It is our desire to help make some of the complicated issues much easier to understand, and challenge some of the health and fitness advice that we currently take for granted which may no longer be relevant.

We believe that everyone can enhance their health, appearance, and performance by providing them with integrative solutions that include effective training, nutrition, and recovery programs that deliver results! 

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